About Me

Roger Goodspeed – Artist

I have no particular “style” but feel approach and media should vary with subject matter.  Most of my work is done in water-media [watercolors and acrylics] but I enjoy exploring other media as well.  I usually paint in a semi-realistic manner but occasionally try the difficult approach of evoking a response with abstraction.

I began painting during a prolonged period of invalidism following a truck- bicycle accident at age nine.  At first , I mostly copied Audubon bird prints using oils [too messy for a bed-ridden child], then using Tempera, and finally ,when they became available, acrylics.  I remained a wildlife realist painter for years and picked up training whenever I could when I had time away from my medical practice.  With retirement, more training at workshops, and participation in competitions and shows, I matured and expanded in to other media and other subject matter, and other approaches than strict realism.  Lately, I have enjoyed exploring converting sound into vision as Walt Disney attempted in his “Fantasia ” productions.  I listen to a piece of music and convert the pictures the music produces in my mind to a 2 dimensional painting.  Difficult, but sometimes rewarding.  I believe an artist should hope to renew the joy and curiosity felt by small children, which we seem to loose as adults.  Whether the vision comes through the eye or from deep within the mind, it is a precious blessing to be savored.